7 Apr 2021

The Red Room Newsletter: April 12 – 23, 2021



APRIL 12 – 16 AND 19 – 23

The Week of the Young Child is an annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children celebrating early learning, young children, their childcare providers, teachers, and families. The Kinderfarm activities the week of April 12 will coordinate with statewide activities. The following week our focus will be Earth Week and time in the garden. In addition to all the classroom activities we will also take advantage of any opportunity for pond exploration or a discovery walk around the Kinderfarm campus. I am guessing you may have a tired Kinderfarmer at the end of each day. J

Share Days are Thursday, April 15 and Friday, April 23. Please help your child select an item from home to share with his/her class. Items might include, but are not limited to, vacation souvenirs, a favorite book or toy, an item from babyhood, a “treasure” found in the backyard. Encourage your child to use their imagination.

I think it is safe to say that the children no longer need to bring snow pants, unless dread the thought, there is measurable snow on the ground. ☹ Hats, mittens or gloves, and a warm coat are still a must as mornings are still chilly. You might want to send a sweatshirt with your child to wear during the afternoon when it is usually warmer.

MONDAY – Today is Music Monday. Through music children develop math, language, and literacy skills. With that in mind we will break out the musical instruments! It promises to be a very noisy, yet creative day at Kinderfarm!

TUESDAY – Today is Tasty Tuesday. Our focus today is on healthy eating and lifetime fitness activities. Ask your child to tell you about their aerobic workout, the hummus, baby carrot, and pita chip snack, and a campus walk. Weather permitting, we will also spend time in the garden prepping and planting a bed of spinach.

WEDNESDAY – Today is Work Together Wednesday. We will provide the children with a variety of opportunities to work together as a team. Weather permitting, the children will also work together in the garden planting snap peas and getting more garden boxes ready for planting.

THURSDAY – Today is Artsy Thursday. In the morning we will be painting on a sheet of paper that will stretch the entire length of the yellow room and kitchen. Wow! That will be one big painting!

This afternoon we will be having SHARE DAY! This is the last Share Day of the school year so hopefully everyone will bring something to share so it can be the best Share Day of the year!

FRIDAY – Today is Family Friday. Today will be spent exploring different families through books and making a family book. I always get a kick out of this activity because I think it says a little bit about how the children view themselves in the family dynamics and the humorous responses to the questions. J

APRIL 19 – 23

MONDAY – The book The Lorax happens to be one of my very favorite books and it is a great one to use to kick off Earth Week. The Red Roomers will be creating truffula trees of their own after reading the story.

TUESDAYThe Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is another one of my all-time favorite books. After sharing this heartwarming story with the children, they will make a tree of their own using their arm and hand as the guide. Ask them to tell you about the book and the project.

WEDNESDAY – Our project this morning illustrates how it takes many hands to keep our world safe and clean. You can look for these to come on Friday.

THURSDAY – Each Red Roomer will work with a partner today to create replicas of Earth. Can your child remember who their partner was? Which partner was “water” and which was “land”?

Any time remaining will be spent cleaning up the Kinderfarm campus. It is always amazing to be how much litter the children gather after the winter months.

FRIDAY – We will begin our morning with a super fun science project. Can shaving cream make rain? We will find out!

This afternoon we will be having SHARE DAY! This is the last Share Day of the school year so hopefully everyone will bring something to share so it can be the best Share Day of the year!


Mrs. Norman

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25 Mar 2021

The Red Room Newsletter: March 29 – April 9, 2021




The next two weeks we will celebrate spring and all that comes with it… Easter, rabbits, mud, rain, wind, and early planting in the garden. We will be getting outside as much as possible, so it is especially important that your child has boots, a warm coat, a hat, and mittens or gloves every day they come to Kinderfarm. Snow pants are no longer necessary. I cannot emphasize enough that it is ALWAYS colder and windier at Kinderfarm than it is in town.

The last Share Days of the year will be on Thursday, April 15 and Friday, April 23.

We are still accepting fall registrations. Information about fall registration can be found on the Kinderfarm website. Both summer sessions are full. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

MONDAY – A new month is right around the corner. That means it is time to make something for the coatroom bulletin board. Be sure to check it out later in the week.

The children will also practice following directions as they navigate an obstacle course. The story of Peter Rabbit will serve as our guide for the obstacle course activity.

TUESDAY – We will kick off our morning in the kitchen making cookies. Our afternoon will be spent making bunny bags for the cookies. We will also practice counting syllables using egg shakers.

WEDNESDAY – It is time to prepare the seed potatoes for planting. They need to dry out for a few days before they are planted. Be sure to ask your child how many “eyes” each piece has.

Easter is around the corner. Chocolate bunnies are a favorite Easter treat. With that in mind the children will be painting a bunny with something unique….be sure to ask your child what we painted with.

THURSDAY – Can your child remember what shape we used to make a bunny today. It was not a square, a triangle, or a rectangle. What do we call a squished circle?

FRIDAY – A busy day will round out our week. We will head to the garden to plant the potatoes, practice math skills as we graph jellybeans, and end the day with an Easter egg hunt.

APRIL 5 – 9

MONDAY – The letter “R” will be reinforced today as the children practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters on an enlarged raindrop. Clouds fill up with moisture and the moisture turns into rain and falls to the ground. We will explore this afternoon as we make clouds in a jar. This is a cool experiment! I am just sure your child will want to tell you all about it. J

TUESDAY – The children will be making a Signs of Spring book today. Ask your child to read it to you.

WEDNESDAY – Our focus today will be on counting skills and matching sets. Fine motor skills will also be put to the test as the children drop dark blue and light blue paint onto white paper. When it dries, they will trace and cut out a rain drop shape.

THURSDAY – After finger-painting with brown paint (mud) the children will be gluing words that begin with the letter “M” on the mud.

FRIDAY – Wind and spring seem to go hand and hand – especially at KinderfarmJ. With that in mind we will make a windy day craft. Windy day play is also on the agenda – hopefully, the wind will cooperate. 😊


Mrs. Norman

The Red Room Newsletter: March 29 – April 9, 20212021-03-25T20:54:30-05:00
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