The Red Room Newsletter: October 19 – November 6, 2020



OCTOBER 19 – 23 AND OCTOBER 26 – 30


The next three weeks will be busy with discussions of spiders, pumpkins, bats, and Halloween. We will take advantage of any nice days we have left and begin the clean up the garden. Old plants need to be removed and palates need to be put on the garden boxes to keep the cats out. As is typical of the fall season, we are going from one holiday and into the next. Our discussions after the Halloween will be on Thanksgiving.

It tends to be about ten degrees colder at Kinderfarm and there is always a stiff breeze. Please make sure your child is dressed in layers, so they are comfortable both indoors and out. Do not forget a hat and gloves or mittens. For safety reasons, scarves are not permitted. As always, be sure to label all your child’s clothing with his/her name. The lost and found is already growing.

It is time to check the backpack. Is the change of clothing seasonally appropriate?

At Kinderfarm we encourage independence skills. We are working very hard on putting on coats. It would be helpful if this skill was also being practiced at home. I use the “flip” method to put on coats. Have your child lay his/her coat on the floor with the hood or tag at their toes. They bend over and put their arms in the sleeves and then flip the coat up and over their heads. Then I hand over hand help them put the zipper pieces together and let them finish. In advance, thank you so much for helping.

Kinderfarm will be closed November 25-27 for Thanksgiving Break.


WEDNESDAY – Counting skills will be put to the test today as the children count and color bats. We will also learn a new song called Little Spider that will help practice recognizing body parts.

THURSDAY – The song “Itsy Bitsy Spider” will be our guide today. Be sure to ask your child to share the prop they made to help them sing the song. A counting and assessment of crossing the midline will also be done today. Be sure to check your child’s bag for the assessment sheet.

FRIDAY – Today will be spent on activities centered on the nursery rhyme “Little Miss Muffet”. The children will practice tracking print during group time, they will dramatize new versions of the rhyme, and complete an activity sheet recalling details of the rhyme.

OCTOBER 26 – 30

MONDAY – After reading the book Stellaluna the boys and girls will make a bat of their own. Be sure to ask your child what we used to make the wings of the bat. Hint: You may have used one to make your morning coffee.

TUESDAY Go Away Big Green Monster is a favorite children’s book we read this time of year. After reading the book the children will begin work on a green monster to share at home with you.

WEDNESDAY – Today’s pumpkin project will help the boys and girls to differentiate between ovals and circles. Matching, tracing, and adding details will all be practiced.

The book There’s A Nightmare In My Closet will be our guide this afternoon. Your child will illustrate their “nightmare” on paper.

THURSDAY – Letter recognition skills will be our focus today. Using a marshmallow, the boys and girls will paint a monster. Can your child remember what letter monster and marshmallow begin with? We will also spend time segmenting a sentence into words with the help of a monster.

FRIDAY – We will put on our chef’s hats to make Goblin Mix. It is a concoction of werewolf claws, vampire teeth, and witches’ warts. Yummy! Ask your child to tell you about it! Work on a Halloween coloring page is also on our morning agenda.

Our afternoon will be spent playing games, having a special Halloween snack, reading Halloween stories, and showing off our costumes to our Kinderfarm friends.



MONDAY – A new month means it is time to decorate the coatroom bulletin board. Be sure to ask your child what their turkey suggested for Thanksgiving dinner instead of turkey.

TUESDAY – Native Americans lived in teepees because they needed to be able to breakdown camp quickly to follow the buffalo herds. The Red Roomers will be making teepees today out of something unique. Be sure to ask your child what we used. Hint: You use them to make burritos and enchiladas.

WEDNESDAY – Cutting skills will be put to the test as the children make a Native American headband. Cutting skills should be practiced at home whenever possible. A box of scraps and a pair of scissors is a perfect way to allow your child to snip, snip away while strengthening their skill and fingers.

THURSDAY – The children will be making a family portrait today. This is one of my favorite activities because I think it really illustrates how the children view their family and their place within the family.

FRIDAY – The Native Americans showed the Pilgrims how to plant popcorn. Popcorn will be our focus today. After watching popcorn pop in the air popper, the children will use it to play Popcorn Bingo using popcorn as the markers.

The Red Roomers will be making cornucopias this afternoon. What is a cornucopia anyway? Ask your child.


Mrs. Norman