The Red Room Newsletter: September 20 – October 1, 2021




The first two weeks in the Red Room were great! The children and I enjoyed getting to know each other, learning the routine, and meeting our animal friends.

The change of the season means cooler days at Kinderfarm. Please make sure your child has a warm jacket each time they come to Kinderfarm. Although the weather in town might seem warm enough for no jacket it is always 10 to 15 degrees colder at Kinderfarm and there is usually a stiff breeze as well. You might also tuck a pair of gloves in your child’s pocket for those chilly morning chores.  This would be a good time to check the change of clothes in your child’s backpack. Is it seasonably appropriate? Also make sure to label all your child’s belongings with his/her name.

At Kinderfarm we encourage independence skills. Right now, we are working very hard on putting on coats. It would be helpful if this skill is also being practiced at home. I use the “flip” method to put on coats. Have your child lay his/her coat on the floor with the hood or tag at their toes. They bend over and put their arms in the sleeves and then flip the coat up and over their heads. Then I start the zipper and have them finish zipping. In advance, thank you so much for helping.

The next two weeks will be spent welcoming a new season and discussing germs, hygiene, and illness prevention.

MONDAYOwl Babies is one of my favorite children’s stories. I have a feeling it might become a favorite of your child’s too. J After the story, the children will be making an owl baby of their own to bring home to you.

TUESDAY – Has your child shared the Acorn Song with you? If not, ask them to because it is super cute. The Acorn Song will serve as our guide today. Fine motor skills will be put to the test as the children roll pieces of fall colored tissue paper to glue on a paper acorn.

WEDNESDAY – Today marks the beginning of autumn. The children will welcome the new season by painting an oak leaf. However, they will not be using a paint brush. They will be using an acorn! How crazy is that?!

THURSDAY – The children will be creating a beautiful fall tree today. This tree will be special because on each leaf will be a letter of your child’s name. What a fun way to practice recognizing and writing names!

FRIDAY – An apple picking sequencing activity is first on todays agenda. We have been tasting a variety of different apples over the past two weeks. Which one was your child’s favorite? Ask them what color they painted their apple cutout.


MONDAY – The Red Roomers will be working on their size discrimination and cutting skills today. After cutting out three apples, the children will arrange them from smallest to biggest.

TUESDAY – Counting and gluing skills will our focus today. After reading the book Ten Apples Up On Top the children will glue ten circles (apples) on top of the tigers head. You might hear the phrase “Just a dot not a lot” a few times after today. J

WEDNESDAY – We will see firsthand how germs can spread from one person to another. A small amount of lotion and glitter (germs) will be placed on each child’s hands. I will then have each child shake hands with classmates. By the time each child has shaken several hands the “germs” have spread to everyone. We will also practice the “vampire technique” of sneezing and coughing into our elbow instead of our hand. J

What letter does the word leaf begin with? Red Roomers will concentrate on the letter “L” this afternoon as they collect leaves from around the Kinderfarm campus to glue on a giant letter “L”. As they are gluing the leaves, they will brainstorm other words that also begin with the letter “L”.

THURSDAY – We will begin our time together looking at photos of real germs. Next, I will sprinkle flour on the children’s hands to illustrate how germs “hide” on our hands.

Pattering skills will be practiced this afternoon as the children copy an AB pattern using red and green apples on a strip of paper. When the apples are arranged correctly the children will glue them down and the strip will be fitted to their head. An apple crown fit for a king or a queen!

FRIDAY – How far can a sneeze travel? Our activity today will illustrate this. Be sure to ask your child how they can prevent their sneeze from going all over. Tracing skills will also be practiced today as they are an excellent way to work on pre-writing skills.


Mrs. Norman