The Red Room Newsletter: November 11 – 29, 2019



NOVEMBER 11 – 15 NOVEMBER 18 – 22 AND NOVEMBER 25 – 29

It is hard to believe but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The Red Roomers have enjoyed learning about the pilgrims and the Native Americans. Hopefully they have been sharing Thanksgiving trivia with you.

It is always colder at Kinderfarm and there is often a stiff wind. We go outside every day if the temperature is at least 15 degrees to do chores and have play time on the playground, so it is very important that your child is dressed warmly. A warm coat, snow pants, a hat, and mittens or gloves are a must each time your child comes to school. For safety reasons scarves may not be worn at Kinderfarm.

Parent/teacher conferences are slated for Tuesday, November 19 from 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 4:00 – 7:00 PM. The last day to schedule a conference is Tuesday, November 12 by 3:00 PM to allow time for testing. Conferences will be offered again in the Spring so be sure to be on the lookout for conference scheduling information. Please note that there is no school on conference day.

Kinderfarm will be closed November 27-29 for Thanksgiving Break.

Your child may bring in a tube of Chapstick with his/her name on it to use during the school day. I will keep the tubes in a designated spot in the Red Room so the children may use them after outdoor time and after meals. I am hoping this will help to prevent the very chapped lips we see on some of the children during the winter months. PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE CHAPSTICK IN YOUR CHILD’S BACKPACK BUT HAND DELIVER IT TO A STAFF MEMBER.

Thanksgiving will continue to be our focus up until Break. Art activities and cooking projects using children’s books and a new bulletin board will keep us busy when we return.

MONDAY – Last Friday popcorn was our focus for the day. We ran out of time and were not able to complete our art project. I promised that I would make time for it today. Recognizing the letter “P” will be reinforced as the children glue paper “p’s” on the letter “P”.

TUESDAY The children will be working on preposition words today as they create a book Where is Turkey? The words we will focus on are on, under, and beside.

WEDNESDAY Cornbread is a tasty Thanksgiving food. The Red Roomers will begin their morning in the kitchen making cornbread muffins. While the muffins are baking, they will make homemade butter to spread on the fresh baked muffins. Be sure to ask your child how we made the butter.

Casey from the Iowa City Public Library will be our guest this afternoon. She will be sharing Thanksgiving stories and fingerplays with us.

THURSDAY – The Red Roomers will be making dream catchers. Native Americans often hung dream catchers above the children’s beds. They believed that the good dreams would flow through to the sleeping child while the bad dreams would get stuck on the web. Be sure to ask your child to share their dream catcher with you.

FRIDAY – The Native Americans often used berries to color clothing and pottery. The children will try their hand at painting using berries today – not on their clothes but on paper pottery. J

NOVEMBER 18 – 22

MONDAY The story The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush will be our guide today. The children will have the chance to paint a buckskin just like the Indian in the book. Be sure to ask your child how we “made” our buckskin.


WEDNESDAY Number recognition and counting skills will be put to the test as the children add feathers to their turkey cutout that correspond with the number on the turkey.

THURSDAY Fine motor skills will be put to the test as the children create a turkey tail on a coffee filter using an eye dropper. The tails will need to dry so the children will add the rest of the turkey body this afternoon.

FRIDAY Can your child remember the name of the ship that brought the pilgrims to America? Today’s project will help them remember.

NOVEMBER 25 – 29

MONDAY Turkey will be the name of the game in the Red Room today! We will play Turkey Bingo, do the Turkey Trot, and play a game or two of Turkey Toss. Watch out as the Red Roomers strut into the holiday!

TUESDAY Today is Pumpkin Day! All our activities and even our snacks will be centered on pumpkins!



Mrs. Norman