The Red Room Newsletter: March 30 – April 10, 2020


The next two weeks we will celebrate spring and all that comes with it… budding trees, mud, rain, and early planting in the garden. We will be getting outside as much as possible, so it is very important that your child has boots, a warm coat, a hat, and mittens or gloves every day they come to Kinderfarm. Snow pants are no longer necessary. I cannot emphasize enough that it is ALWAYS colder and windier at Kinderfarm than it is in town.
The last Share Days of the year will be on Thursday, April 9 and Friday, April 17.
MONDAY – The Kinderfarm campus is waking up after a long winters nap. A trip around the campus looking for budding trees and shrubs will begin our time together. Did we see any flowers too?
A new month is right around the corner. That means it is time to make something for the coatroom bulletin board. Be sure to check it out later in the week.
TUESDAY – Has your child ever heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm”? What does that mean anyway? We will find out today! Ask your child to share with you what it means. A robin craft is on our agenda as well as a trip around the campus on a hunt for robins’ nests.
WEDNESDAY – Chicks! Chicks! And more chicks! Guess what our focus will be today! Fun Feed (snack and math activity), chick art, and a chick game will keep us busy, busy, busy!
THURSDAY – The Kinderfarm swan travels back and forth between our pond and the pond across the highway. It cannot fly so it walks between the two ponds. How it has never gotten hit is amazing to me. We will make a replica of our swan friend today using a paper plate. Be sure to ask your child if the swan is here or across the road.
FRIDAY – Wind and spring seem to go hand and hand – especially at Kinderfarm. With that in mind we will make a windy day craft.
APRIL 6 – 10
MONDAY – Fine motor skills will be put to the test today as the children drop dark blue and light blue paint onto white paper. When it dries, they will trace and cut out a rain drop shape.
TUESDAY – The letter “R” will be reinforced today as the children practice tracing uppercase and lowercase letters on an enlarged raindrop. Clouds fill up with moisture and the moisture turns into rain and falls to the ground. We will explore this afternoon as we make clouds in a jar. This is a cool experiment! I am just sure your child will want to tell you all about it. 
WEDNESDAY – We will begin our time reading the book In the Middle of a Puddle. We will follow up the story by making Puddle Cake. Can your child remember the secret ingredient? A walk around the pond will round out our time together.
FRIDAY – After finger-painting with brown paint (mud) the children will be gluing words that begin with the letter “M” on the mud.
Mrs. Norman