The Blue Room Newsletter: August 5 – 16, 2019


The Blue Room Note
Summer Session 2

Weeks 4 and 5 of Summer Session 2 will be all about summer fun! With the last two weeks of summer upon us, before school officially starts back up again, we will be adding in all the fun we can. We will be doing Kinderfarm favorites and some new activities as well. I have had such a blast being the Blue Room teacher the past 5 weeks and am so thankful that I got the opportunity to be at Kinderfarm and make new friends! Thanks for having me!

Please be sure to include the following in your child’s backpack EVERY time he/she comes to Kinderfarm: change of clothes (t-shirt, shorts, socks, undies), a small towel, and a swimsuit.
Also, outdoor shoes (for chores and running around) and slippers for inside need to be sent every day.
Sunscreen will be reapplied after lunch, so if you wish to use sunscreen on your child for the first part of the day, you will need to apply it before your child comes to school.

August 5-9
Week of The Five Senses
Chores for the week: Horses, Rabbits, Hens, Garden
This week the kids will focus on summer treats! We will be reading books about watermelon and ice cream! The kids will make create watermelon with cotton balls. We also will be making ice cream in a bag! I am sure we will have some water adventures as well!

August 12-16
Week of The Five Senses
Chores for the week: Pigs, Goats, Cats, Recycling
This week will be all about Kinderfarm favorites! We will be playing games such as Drip, Drip, Drop, eat Mulberries, and visiting with the farm animals. There will be impromptu races around the maze and log rolling down the hill. We will talk about our favorites here at Kinderfarm and be all set for the new school year to begin!