APRIL 25 – MAY 27

Wow! The end of the school year is just around the corner! We have five weeks left and a ton yet to do! Frog centered activities, science experiments, dandelions, Cinco de Mayo, a unit on caterpillars and butterflies will keep us busy. Hold on! Here we go!

The last day of the 2021-2022 school year will be Friday, May 27. We will have a graduation ceremony on May 27 at 3:00 PM for the children that will be entering Kindergarten this Fall. More information about the graduation ceremony will be sent home in early May.

MONDAY – Ms. Casey will be our guest this morning. What was her theme today? Ask your child.

We will kick off our unit on toads and frogs this afternoon by illustrating their life cycle. A trip to the pond to look for toads, frogs, and tadpoles will end our time together.

TUESDAY – Rhyme identification skills will be practiced today as the children match a frog on a log with a rhyming picture. Children love to practice rhyming words! How many words that rhyme with the word frog can they share with you? Can they rhyme other words?

JJ’s mother, Jenny, will be our guest this afternoon. She will be bringing one or more of their pet snakes to share with us. What an exciting way to end our day!

WEDNESDAY– The children will be working on counting and number recognition skills as they add paper flies that correspond with the number on the frog’s stomach. How far can your child count?

THURSDAY – The word frog begins with the letter “F”. This concept will be reinforced as the children make a frog out of the letter “F” today.

FRIDAY – What happens when you mix blue and yellow paint together in a plastic bag and add some eyes and a tongue on the outside of the bag? Why, a Squishy Frog of course! Be sure to ask your child to share it with you.

MAY 2 – MAY 6

MONDAY – Scientist’s do not know all the answers, so they experiment, or “mess around” to test things to see what happens. The Red Roomers will be acting like scientists’ part of this week as they try a variety of different experiments and “mess around”. Today children will “bubbling with excitement” as they find out what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar. They will also try their hand at cleaning pennies with salt and vinegar. Did it matter which you dipped the penny in first?

TUESDAY – Legend has it that the tallest dandelion a child can find will be the equivalent to the number of inches that child will grow in the coming year. This morning each of the children will pick the tallest dandelion they can find. We will measure it and write down the measurement along with the date. Post the card on your wall or refrigerator. As you track your child’s growth over the next year compare the number of inches to the length of the dandelion. Is the legend true?

We will begin the afternoon by placing basil seeds in a bottle of water. Over the course of the next few days the children will be encouraged to give the bottle of seeds a shake and a swirl. Be sure to ask your child what happened to the seeds. We will also make rain in the classroom. Be sure to ask your child what the cloud was made from. (Hint: Dad’s use it to shave).

WEDNESDAY – Do oil and water mix? We will find out as we paint a picture using cooking oil and try to paint over it with watercolors.

THURSDAY – People in Mexico are celebrating Cinco de Mayo today. Do people in Mexico speak the same language that we do? What language do they speak? We will find out today as we learn a few words in Spanish. Can your child remember them? We will swirl, twist, and dance with a fiesta ring that we will make. We will feast on nachos in the afternoon.

FRIDAY – First a dandelion is yellow and then it turns to fluff. What happens next? We will find out as we illustrate the life cycle of a dandelion on a paper dandelion.

MAY 9 – MAY 13

MONDAY – We will begin our unit on caterpillars and butterflies by illustrating their life cycles. We will head out on a walk around the Kinderfarm campus in search of butterflies.

TUESDAY – What letter does the word caterpillar begin with? Today’s activity will help reinforce recognition and writing the letter “C”.

WEDNESDAY – Fine motor skills will be practiced today as the boys and girls make cozy little cocoons for their pet caterpillar. We will also spend time in the kitchen making butterflies out of bread, cereal, and pretzel rods to have for snack.

THURSDAY – The children will be working on identifying numerals and counting today as they add colorful spots to a butterfly. Paint dabbers will be used to complete this project, so it is sure to be a hit! We are also going to try and make butterfly wings using paper towel rolls and streamers.

FRIDAY – B is for bunches of butterflies! Today’s activity will reinforce recognizing and forming the letter “B”.

What do butterflies do when they are thirsty? We will learn today that butterflies sip nectar through their long, tube shape called a proboscis. During snack today the boys and girls will pretend to be butterflies as they dip straws into “nectar-filled” flowers and sip away.

MAY 16 – 27

I prefer to not follow day by day lesson plans the last few weeks of school. There are so many things left for us to do and weather can play a big part in daily activities. We will be planting in the garden, spending time with our animal friends, exploring the pond for tadpoles and other signs of spring, and just enjoying our last few days together.


Mrs. Norman