AUGUST 3 – 7 AND 10 – 14 AND 17 – 21

It is hard to believe but the last three weeks of the summer session are upon us. It has been a fun summer and I have really enjoyed having your children in the Red Room.

Kinderfarm will be closed August 24 – September 4. Fall classes begin Tuesday, September 8.

The children are so excited about the next three weeks! They have helped me plan some super fun activities! Laura Numeroff books, arts and crafts week, and space are the themes they decided upon.

MONDAY – We will kick off our Laura Numeroff book week with the book If You Give A Pig A Pancake. We will have pancakes for snack and, of course, we will save some to share with our two favorite pigs Wilbur and Hamlet. Your Kinderfarmer will also have the chance to make a pancake flipping game.

TUESDAY – Today we will be making donuts and playing donut game after reading If You Give A Dog A Donut. A dog themed art project is planned for the afternoon.

WEDNESDAY – Today’s book is If You Give A Moose A Muffin. I am leaving it up to the children as to what they would like to do. Be sure to ask your child what was decided.

THURSDAY – After reading If You Give A Cat A Cupcake the children will create a cat out of the letter “C”. A visit with the Kinderfarm kittens will round out our time together.

FRIDAY – If You Give A Mouse A Cookie will end our Laura Numeroff book week. I am sure you probably guessed it but if not, we will be making cookies. A cookie counting game is also on today’s agenda.

AUGUST  10 – 14

This week will be devoted to arts and crafts. I have a few ideas, but the children will have the opportunity to pick activities as well.

AUGUST  17 – 21

MONDAY – We will kick off our space unit by reading the book Mooncake by Frank Asch. In the story the bear wants to taste the moon. The Red Roomers will paint a moon using a mixture of flour and white paint. After adding craters and stars they will dictate what they think the moon might taste like.

TUESDAY – Coloring skills will be put to the test today as the children color the pieces of a puzzle to find the hidden image. They will also have the opportunity to eat pudding “astronaut style”. Ask your child about it.

WEDNESDAY – The children will be working together today to make replicas of planet Earth. Did your child paint the water or the land? Ask them

THURSDAY – Today’s focus will be on constellations. Activities will include Splatter Space, Lite Brite, and marshmallow constellations.

FRIDAY – Today’s activities have nothing to do with space. As promised, we will end the summer with another Dog Day. Once again Kinderfarm will be transformed into Canine Farm. Be sure to ask your child how our last day together was celebrated.


Mrs. Norman